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BrowserAndroidiOS Shooter 2D ShootingPlayer vs Player (PvP)Tanks
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Shoot down animated shapes, or other players.

Upgrade your character as necessary.

Try not to get annihilated by the other players.

Here comes a game that is so simple that anyone can play it, but its simplicity is just a facade. There’s plenty of challenges and gameplay to keep you occupied for a couple of hours or more. So get your laptop, desktop or your mobile devices ready because Diep.io is here to make sure you get the time of your life every time you play.

While you can play online using your browser, you can also install the game to your smartphone or your tablet. The game has versions for both iOS and Android, so you can download the game from the App Store and the Play Store, respectively. Go ahead and pick what version you want to play, and you can get on with the review.

To sum it up, the game is a horizontal and vertical scrolling shooting game that involves geometric shapes. You start off with a circular tank, with a funnel in front of it for shooting. All around you, you can find various geometric shapes that you can shoot for experience points, mostly squares and pentagons, although you can encounter triangles also.

The larger the shape, the higher its health bar is. Now, for every shape you annihilate, you earn experience points. With each level, you gain an upgrade point that you can then use to improve the performance of your tank. There are more than five stats that you can upgrade, including Health Regen rate, Max HP, Bullet Speed, Bullet Penetration and Bullet Damage, among others.

At some point, you will have to choose what Upgrade you’ll make to your tank. Do you want it to carry twin turrets and shoot at twice your normal rate of fire? Would you rather upgrade to a machine gun, and shoot rapidly at your opponents? Make your choice according to your own preference and playing style, of course.

You can move your tank across the playing field using the W,A,S and D keys. You can fire by pointing the mouse pointer at your target, and pressing either the Left mouse button or the Space bar.

While you’ll be busy most of the shape shooting at shapes in the environment (in other words, those that don’t shoot back), you’re likely to encounter other players who will be more than happy to erase you from the gaming field.

Don’t fret if you get killed though - you’ll respawn at one level less than the one you’ve died in, and you get upgrade points that correspond to each level you gained. That does level the playing field.

There are various modes of gameplay that you can try. If you’re looking to practice and master the game’s very simple controls, you can try the Sandbox mode.

What are you waiting for? Diep.io is waiting for you, so go to your favorite application store, or to its official website, and play! Diep.io Summary

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Upgrade your character as necessary.

Try not to get annihilated by the other players.
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